New: our Medium satchel also available as backpack

Sturdy leather backpack (in cobalt blue) - OldSchoolBags

The request for a leather backpack came from Belgium: our children really like the Medium bags  but can you also make it as a leather backpack? A shop from Ghent also asked for it.

Thank you for this question, dear southern neighbors. Here it is: our new Medium leather backpack.


Sturdy and durable backpack

Medium leren rugzak (kobaltblauw)

Such a backpack has a difficult and diverse life. After all, students are not the most careful types.

Our leather is sturdy and very durable, making it very suitable for tough school life. At several points we have reinforced the backpack with extra buttons. And we also put the handle of our XL bags on it.

In short, this backpack is ready for the tough challenges at school 🙂


Spacious and comfortable

Sturdy leather backpack (in cobalt blue) - OldSchoolBags

The backpack is 37 cm wide, so all school supplies fit well. And also a water bottle or some food.

The well-known two pockets (from the old Dutch satchel, which inspired this bag) are on the front of the bag. Your mobile phone, keys and other things that you should be able to easily access fit in well.

Inspired by the old, Dutch leather satchel from the 70s/80s

Leather satchel, old and new

Everyone in the Netherlands knows the old, leather satchel from the 70s and 80s. It was a mandatory bag at the time. The school books were rented and they had to stay tidy.

The bags also have emotional value. For many Dutch people, it is a tangible reminder of one of the most fun times in their lives, high school.

Each bag was also extensively ‘personalized’, with all kinds of frills, lyrics, names of football clubs and music bands. The more original, the better.

We gave that old satchel a new design in 2013 and released it in 18 beautiful colours. We also derive our brand name from it.


Handmade in the Netherlands (sustainable production)

OldSchool Bags - handmade in Noord Brabant

These leather backpacks are available in 5 beautiful colors and of course they are all “100% Made in Holland”. They are made in Kaatsheuvel and the leather comes from Rijen, to be precise. We are proud to be able to make these bags locally again. A beautiful Dutch product made in a responsible manner and with few “travel kilometers” (impact on the climate). See also our Gallery / Instagram page for many beautiful pictures.

Support production in our own country

Handgemaakt in Nederland

Almost all bag manufacturers choose to have their bags made in the Far East. That results in a cheaper bag. However, the production methods are often highly polluting and the working conditions are also very poor.

We didn’t want this. We wanted to produce our bags in a responsible way, for people and climate.

At OldSchool Bags we can still offer a competitive price because we sell the bags directly via the internet. We produce them in a smart way (no stock, no storage, never any old bags).

These leather backpacks are also handmade. The leather is first cut by computers and then our craftsmen in Kaatsheuvel turn them into a beautiful bags.

We are very proud that we could re-start the production of these bags in the Netherlands again.