Stylish leather laptop bag made of beautiful grain leather


This leather laptop bag is made of vegetable tanned leather.

So no aggressive, harmful chemicals are used in the production. This gives the bag a nice, natural look.

The special laptop compartment (for laptops up to 14 inches) is padded and removable.

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Leather laptop bag ‘Portrait’ – stylish to the office

We’ve named this new leather laptop bag the ‘Portrait’ because it is a vertical, standing laptop bag. You don’t see that often, but we think the result is particularly beautiful and stylish.

It is a compact, slim leather laptop bag for laptops with a screen diagonal of 35 cm (’14 inch’).

The special laptop compartment is made of the same vegetable-tanned leather as the bag. It is padded on the inside, so your beautiful laptop is extra protected from outside interference and will not be scratched.

Leather laptop bag made of vegetable tanned leather

Leren laptoptas van plantaardig gelooid leer

We are a big proponent of vegetable tanned leather because the production process is cleaner.

The leather is not tanned with harmful, polluting chemicals such as chrome, but the old-fashioned, more natural way.

It uses the tannic acid of various plants, using the bark, branches, leaves or even some fruits.

Not only is this process cleaner, it also results in a nicer end product.

Chemically tanned leather often looks a bit dead. Vegetable-tanned leather looks much more natural and also has more character.

Local, sustainable production

Handgemaakt in Noord Brabant

We believe in local, sustainable production and these leather laptop bags have also been produced in the Netherlands.

Production takes place in the village of Kaatsheuvel (which is in the heart of the old Dutch leather district) and we buy the leather in the neighbouring town of Dongen.

So no long, polluting transport for our bags from countries such as India and China. We make all our bags in the Netherlands and then we ship them directly to our customers.


Leather laptop bag in special versions

In addition to the colors black and cognac, this leather laptop bag is also available in the special Bas Kosters version.

The well-known Dutch fashion designer/artist Bas Kosters developed two prints for us for our leather satchels, which were inspired by his own school days in the 80s.

Those prints (glued onto our leather) also look great on this standing leather laptop bag.

This bag can be viewed here on our website: Bas Koster bag.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 9 × 39 cm

Black, Cognac


Landscape, Portrait

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