Bagpack ‘Quentin’


Different from other backpacks

The choice is huge when you want to buy a backpack. We wanted something different, not the umpteenth copy.

Our new backpack has everything you expect from a backpack, packaged in a sleek design, with little adornment and made of beautiful leather.

The layout of the inside is as follows (see also below for detailed photos):

  • a large compartment for all your daily stuff
  • a padded compartment for your tablet computer or mini laptop
  • a wide front pocket for items such as keys that you want to be able to access immediately

Available in five colors. These backpacks are also ‘100% Made in Holland’.

Rugzak van leer (kastanjebruin)

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How is this leather backpack on the inside and on the outside?

Of course this backpack has special compartments for your valuable devices, so that they do not get damaged. The space for the tablet / mini laptop is quilted.

The large compartment is made for A4-sized items, and also binders do fit in. On the photo you can see what fits in it.
In the spacious front pocket you can store the things you want to be able to reach easily, such as your keys.

The most important part on the outside are of course the shoulder straps which are padded (orange or white) for extra comfort.


Handmade in The Netherlands

Just like all our school bags, these backpacks are made locally. In the town of Kaatsheuvel to be precise and the leather comes from the village of Rijen, which is only a few kilometers away.

We know exactly who made the bag (no children’s hands, on the contrary, our bag makers Wim and Koos are real craftsmen and they are both already in their sixties) and the bags did not fly around the world first. So, the bagpack is a fair product and we proudly say ‘100% Made in The Netherlands’.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 15 × 28 cm

Zwart, Kobaltblauw, Bordeauxrood, Kastanjebruin, Klassiek rood