Eye-catching shoulder bags
in 18 beautiful colours


Designed for every day wear, these new eye-catching shoulder bags are both stylish and functional. Based on our re-launched Dutch satchels, we’ve designed these two bags, the Small and XSmall models. They’re available in 19 contemporary colours and striking prints. Also these little bags are handmade in The Netherlands, by bagmakers who’ve been doing this for more than 30 years.

Which colour is your favourite?

Handmade in The Netherlands

We’re very proud that we can manufacture our bags locally again, knowing they’re made in a responsible way and also helping the local economy. These bags have had very little travel time and didn’t first travel the globe: they’re shipped directly from our workshop in Kaatsheuvel (in the province of North Brabant) or from our office in Amsterdam.

Speciale editions

The famous Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters has developed two beautiful designs for us. You’ll find these striking bags via this link: Bas Kosters

Satisfied customers

Schooltassen beoordeling

Schooltassen beoordeling

Customer service and satisfaction is a big priority at OldSchool Bags. That is why we are very pleased with the 5-star rating of our satchels at Google. The bags are made with great care and if something goes wrong we will quickly solve this for our customers in our workshop.