Pink school bag – suddenly very popular again

Pink handbag – OldSchool Bags
Before we selected the right pink, many versions of pink were considered. We didn’t want Barby pink, also not candy floss pink, and not blossom pink. Finally we selected for our pink school bag the fairytale pink which had the right intensity (a slightly soft pink) in combination with our leather.

But the reason for this blog is the sudden revival of this colour. We’ve never sold so many pink school bags in one month as we did in August. Very sudden and against all colour trends. Not only in Holland but also from far away. A Portuguese father had to buy it for his eight year old, a women in Malaga ordered the Junior for her daughter, a big XL was ordered from Norway.

Hence this blog is an ode to the beautiful pink school bag. Hopefully we keep on selling so many of this beautiful colour.

These are the links to the various bags: XL, Large, Medium, Small, XSmall en de Junior bagpack.