Old School – New School

10% of our profits go towards helping & educating children in Africa.

Like a lot of people, we do what we can to help charities. Monthly donations are helpful of course, but it has always been a wish of ours to be more involved with a charity and to make a bigger difference in childrens’ lives in under-developed countries. So when Johan and I set up the company we knew that helping a charity would be an important part of what OldSchool Bags was about.

We were moved by a charity we had seen on TV called Foodstep Uganda which helps children of all ages in Africa, improving their lives. These children are either orphaned or have been given up by their parents, taken off the streets and unfairly held in a prison-like youth centre. Foodstep’s aim is to take as many children as possible out of these centres and take them into their care, giving them a new home, with food, hope, love and education. We are fortunate to be able to help them.


A second charity which attracted our attention was School Child Africa. They dedicate themselves to helping orphaned children in Kenya and Malawi, supporting local initiatives like running a training centre for the youth in Mbita, Kenya and giving children hope for a better future.


With every purchase made on OldSchoolbags.nl we will donate 3.00 Euro to support educational programmes, with the aim of building a new school in Africa to help children have a brighter future. So we thank you for your purchase as together we can make a difference in childrens’ lives.