Sturdy leather satchel: available in 19 beautiful colours

Leather satchel: font memories


Everybody has lots of nice memories of that time at school. The satchel, which was obligatory in these days in the Netherlands, is a well known symbol of that time. Everyone had one. And everyone gave the bag it’s own ‘signature’ with lots of scribbles and drawings.
In the past we carried ourselves drowsy with these big, heavy, leather satchels. It also had many good things. The bag survived everything, it was very sturdy and everything fitted into it.

Which colour is your favourite?


That is why OldSchool Bags thought it was a great idee to re-introduce the Dutch leather satchel. Not only in the brown color it had in the past, but in 18 beautiful colours and special prints. So it’s very likely that your favourite colour is one of them.

Boekentas in tien prachtige kleuren

Leather satchel, also in various special colours:

Leather satchel by OldSchool Bags, available in 19 beautiful colours

Leather satchel by OldSchool Bags, available in 19 beautiful colours

Leather satchels: sturdy and durable

Satchels have to endure a lot. That’s leather is the preferred material as it is so durable. The leather satchels of OldSchool Bags are handmade in our own country, in the province of Noord-Brabant in Kaatsheuvel, by craftsman who have been doing that for more than 40 years. The leather is sourced from a company close by, from the village of Rijen. Therefore our bags 100% locally made and we are quite proud of that.


Inspired by the old Dutch leather satchel


The people at OldSchool School felt it was a great pity that this old school bag was so forgotten. That is why they have given the bag a new design and released it in no fewer than 18 beautiful colours and prints.

Regularly we add a new special bag. Such as the eccentric design by the famous Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters for Old School Bags. He was inspired by his own school time and made two beautiful versions: the Happy Collector (full of beautiful buttons) and the Dark Side (with handmade drawings).



OldSchool Bags has given the old Dutch satchel a new, contemporary design.

Long history


It is the next step in the beautiful evolution of the school bag. The first leather school bag was not made of leather but made of wood, this ‘bag’ was also used as a storage box, so it was convenient that the bags were very sturdy.

Recently, we saw these very old school bags  in the province of Zeeland, in the Museum De Burghse Schoole, Burgh Haamstede  (


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