Old Dutch leather satchel is back again

As written in the newspaper Trouw: the old Dutch leather satchel is back again

Famous Dutch leather satchel is back again

We had a short conversation with the journalist of the Dutch newspaper Trouw. His attention was aroused by our promotional / guerrilla action in Amsterdam’s exclusive PC Hooftstraat.

Like many Dutch people, he had very fond memories of his school days. It was in the 80s and he too had bought this well known large leather satchel.

He wasn’t really happy with it then. But he had nice thoughts about it now. Because the bag was the tangible symbol of these very beautiful school days.

He also thought it was special that we started making the bag in the Netherlands again. “More companies should do that.”

We received a nice mention in the special Saturday supplement of the Trouw: The satchel is back again.