Backpacks that are slightly different

Beautiful leather and models, each with their own character.


Buying a backpack? There are so many different backpacks nowadays that buying a backpack might be difficult again. Our backpacks are a bit different: we use beautiful leather (very durable), we’ve given them their own style and character, and we just make them in the Netherlands (designed in Amsterdam, made in Kaatsheuvel to be exact).

Handmade in The Netherlands

We’re very proud that we can manufacture our bags locally again, knowing they’re made in a responsible way and also helping the local economy.¬†These bags have had very little travel time and didn’t first travel the globe: they’re shipped directly from our workshop in Kaatsheuvel (in the province of North Brabant) or from our office in Amsterdam.

Perfect for school, but also for the office

The Junior backpack is perfect for elementary school. Children (from 4 to 10 years old) can put all their stuff in and the bags look very cute too. We offer them in six striking colours.

We made the new Backpack¬†for high school. It is a spacious backpack and of course this backpack has a special laptop (up to 13 inch) and iPad compartment. We’ve finished this compartment with very soft felt, so that the devices won’t be damaged. The shoulder straps are also padded for extra comfort.

Satisfied customers

Schooltassen beoordeling

Schooltassen beoordeling

Customer service and satisfaction is a big priority at OldSchool Bags. That is why we are very pleased with the 5-star rating of our satchels at Google. The bags are made with great care and if something goes wrong we will quickly solve this for our customers in our workshop.

Buying a backpack?

The choice for backpacks is enormous, we know that. But with our backpacks you buy a nice Dutch product with a beautiful, neutral design. And they’re made of strong, durable leather. Sounds great, isn’t it?