Bas Kosters satchels – two beautiful new prints

Famous Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters satchels and briefcases – two beautiful new prints

“A real leather Bas Kosters bag is still missing in my oeuvre and I think it is a super cool initiative that you guys have those bags made in our own country again.”

Bas has developed two beautiful prints for us.

The first print is called “The Dark Side” with the characteristic “quirky” Bas Kosters figures, as if they were drawn on the bag. These figures were then applied to the leather with screen printing.

The second print is inspired by the buttons and badges that were so popular in the 80s. Bas developed a large number of buttons with cheerful figures and fun cries, which were then photographed on vintage denim. He called this print “The Happy Collector”.

This is what Bas himself writes about it: Bas Kosters blog

Here on our website you will find his bags: Bas Kosters satchel / shoulder bags

Bas Kosters satchels and shoulder bags

Bas Kosters developed two beautiful prints, clearly inspired by the 1980s