Bas Kosters about his creative process

In this video, Bas Kosters tells about his inspiration for the designs he made for OldSchool Bags: Bas Kosters at Vimeo

The design of these new patterns has been an evolution for Bas. The main inspiration comes from his own time at highschool. In these days, each student made little doodles on his or her leather bag to give their bag a personal touch. This inspired Bas for the black & white version, which he named ‘The Dark Side’.

The other version, called The Happy Collector, has been inspired by the buttons that students would wear on their jeans jackets and satchels. However this time, these button feature the well known, funny Bas Kosters characters.

This is the link to the Bas Kosters bags on our website: oldschoolbags/bas-kosters

Bas Kosters bags (for OldSchool Bags)

Bas Kosters bags (for OldSchool Bags) – left version is called The Dark Side, right version is called The Happy Collector