We are a passionate bag brand
from Amsterdam and make all our
bags locally.

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We are Johan Jongkind and Sue Workman. We are an Anglo-Dutch couple living in Amsterdam with our daughter, Ivy. We’ve worked in advertising for the past 20 years (in Amsterdam and in London) and have helped launch products and build brands for both domestic and global companies.

Like many others, we wanted to make a difference in this world. For many years we had helped build and shape other brands and thought it was now time for us to create something of our own. On a weekend trip to London, Sue was charmed with the recent revival of retro school bags. This got her thinking; whatever happened to her old Dutch school bag she had had when she was 10 years old.  At that time she lived with her family in Rotterdam and for Sinterklaas she and her sister were each given a Dutch school bag. They were delighted with their bags and felt like proper Dutch school girls.

Bringing back the Dutch satchel from the 70s


So with this thought, together Sue and I decided to bring back the old Dutch school bag.  It was important for us to work with Dutch manufacturers and people who felt a connection with the bag. We discovered a well established leather supplier and a bag manufacturer who, like us, were passionate about the old school bag and wanted to give it a new lease of life. We all shared stories about the old boy and then began to design the new and improved version.

In its new skin it has kept its original features, staying true to why we loved it in the first place, but like any good make-over, it has lost a few kilos. With quick-release buckles it has become easier to open and close, and with a shoulder strap it has become easier to carry.  Oh and we have injected a bit of colour as well to freshen it up. 14 colours to be precise.

OldSchool Newschool


Whilst bringing the old school bag back may not make a huge difference to the world, we hope to make a small difference to childrens’ lives in Africa.  With every purchase of an OldSchool bag made on our website, we will donate 3.00 Euro to the support of educational programmes in Africa and hope to one day build a new school there, to help give the children a better future.